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About Us

Lots of investors consider dividend payments as a great source of income. People like to invest a significant portion of their income in stocks. If the share prices of the stocks rise in due course, the investor can sell their acquired shares to receive the capital gain. The company generally disburses some portion of its profit as dividend to its shareholders. In that case, the company issues a cheque in favor of its shareholders or directly deposit the dividend amount to the bank (generally four times a year).


Now-a-days dividend not received is a common problem among the shareholders. We help shareholders to regain their unclaimed dividend as well as obtain duplicate dividend warrant in case of dividend not received.


First of all, we help shareholders to verify the demat account associated with concerned bank as usually dividend amounts are deposited automatically by the bank to the demat and trading accounts. If the share holders do not receive the dividend amount, we then contact with the registrars and share transfer agents of the company to issue a duplicate dividend warrants in favor of the shareholders.


It is to be noted that Unclaimed dividends lying with the relevant companies as unclaimed dividends for seven financial years after which the unclaimed dividends will be transmitted to Investor Education and Protection Fund of the central government and no shareholder will be eligible to claim the unclaimed dividend further than a period of seven financial years.


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